Multi-award-winning mobile videographer/filmmaker Cassius Rayner explores the world of mobile filmmaking. This session examines examples of the types of films, documentaries, and music videos being shot using smartphones and the range of equipment selected to deliver the work. Cassius will demonstrate a range of the gear used on each of the different types of shoots from […]

The FeiyuTech Scorp 2 might just be my new favorite “hybrid” gimbal for heavier iPhone setups or mirrorless camera rigs – and it has hardware-based AI tracking. The FeiyuTech Scorp 2 is a gimbal that offers advanced stabilization for cameras and smartphones. It features a 3-axis motorized system that helps to eliminate shaky footage and

Many of you may recognize the name “Cassius Rayner” he is a world renowned British mobile filmmaker, in fact he is the person who inspired myself and Rob to take up smartphone filmmaking and start our business GCTV Media and provide the free mobile video course and the Facebook Group, uptake has been slow but

Mobile journalists report in video, audio, photography, and graphics using apps on their portable devices. Such reporters, sometimes known as mojos (for mobile journalist), are staff or freelance journalists who may use digital cameras and camcorders, laptop PCs, smartphones or tablet devices. We live in a rapidly changing world, driven by frequent technological and scientific

In the ever-evolving world of smartphone filmmaking, harnessing the power of free yet powerful apps can elevate your creative process. Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or just starting, these apps can help you capture, edit, and refine your cinematic creations. Let’s explore some standout apps for iPhone and iPad users. Click to read more….

Global Mobile Journalism Journey is a comprehensive program that aims to equip journalists with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively report and produce news stories using mobile devices. Through a combination of workshops, hands-on training, and field assignments, participants will learn how to shoot, edit, and publish high-quality multimedia content on the go. The

Video viewing isn’t the only thing that’s gone mobile – journalism and news video is rapidly expanding into the territory of mobile capture and creation. Reporters can cover events on-the-fly, on their own. Interviews, breaking news coverage, and live broadcasts can now be carried out by individual journalists at the drop of a hat. And a

We have just acquired DJI Ronin SC Gimbals, even though they were released four years ago, they are still very capable. Not being the very latest means that bargains are available. Similar to the original Ronin-S, the Ronin-SC is a single-handed three-axis gimbal that offers plenty of functionality through built-in and add-on modules. It weighs