Mobile Journalism: The New Media Frontier

Video viewing isn’t the only thing that’s gone mobile – journalism and news video is rapidly expanding into the territory of mobile capture and creation. Reporters can cover events on-the-fly, on their own. Interviews, breaking news coverage, and live broadcasts can now be carried out by individual journalists at the drop of a hat. And a mobile approach allows journalists to more readily cover niche stories, like community events and local news, that traditional coverage typically doesn’t make room for.

This new trend in journalism is the result of a variety of factors. Ever-more advanced and affordable mobile technology, like mobile phones with full HD quality cameras and microphones, make it possible to cover anything, anywhere, anytime.

Consumers also desire immediate coverage of breaking news, and reporting on-the-go allows journalists to offer viewers what they want. The interest, especially on social, is for coverage to be continuous, with minute-to-minute updates as stories develop. This interplay of what consumers want and what technology now allows is driving new journalistic tactics.