Mobile Filmmaking 101 with Cassius Rayner

Multi-award-winning mobile videographer/filmmaker Cassius Rayner explores the world of mobile filmmaking.
This session examines examples of the types of films, documentaries, and music videos being shot using smartphones and the range of equipment selected to deliver the work. Cassius will demonstrate a range of the gear used on each of the different types of shoots from rigs, gimbals, filters, external lens, video apps, and professional audio input.
He explains how it can assist you in your professional workflow, how it can be used as a B Roll camera, and how it can help aspiring and accomplished filmmakers in bringing their stories to life – with tips and insights from one of the leaders in mobile videography.
Mobile filmmaking is just a tool like any other camera.
About Cassius
Cassius started as a trainee camera assistant for regional news TV in the early 90’s. After training, he became a freelance camera operator with his first assignment with the United Nations UNOPS division overseas. In 1997 Cassius directed his first drama ‘JUNK’ starring Adam Ant which won the Portobello Film Festival award for ‘Best Independent Film’ – Cassius then directed a short film as part of a series for FILMFOUR – He continued to camera operate in documentaries, music videos and corporate content for a number of years.
In 2005 was offered his first directing role on a feature documentary in the USA – the documentary was picked up by various TV channels, including ABC Australia and SKY TV. Cassius then dedicated a number of years to supporting, mentoring, and training disadvantaged and marginalised young people in film production in partnership with ITV and Creative Skillset.
In 2014 he turned his attention to the possibilities of mobile video content and began a new journey in filming documentaries, music videos, and drama just using mobile phones. Cassius has not used a mainstream camera since 2014 and has now received 14 International Film Awards for films shot using mobiles. He has received laurels from Canada, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Japan, and the USA. Cassius is now a UK leading expert in mobile filmmaking and is a guest lecturer and speaker with Met Film School, London Film Academy, and the BFI.
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