Start Telling Your Story


Free initial consultation to clarify all important key data personally and to visit the location. Individual goals for your film are defined together with you.


The desired effect of the video will be discussed with you. We decide what the video style should be, what equipment is needed and what the style will be.


We will meet you at your location with the appropriate equipment and film the planned recordings for you. Constant communication with you is very important to me in order to create the results according to your wishes.

Post­ Production

The film material is then processed, cut and accompanied by music. You will receive the first draft within 1-2 weeks.

Handing over

After you have revised any change requests, the finished production will be sent to you in the format you requested at time of booking.

In today’s fast-paced world, the evolution of video production technology has been remarkable. Despite this progress, the common belief that producing professional videos necessitates costly equipment and a dedicated crew remains prevalent. At GCTV Media, we challenge this misconception. By leveraging our expertise, skills, and modern mobile devices, we demonstrate that high-quality video production is within reach without the need for extravagant setups, this means our clients can achieve affordable high-quality video within their marketing budget.
GCTV Media specializes in utilizing the latest tools and techniques to create impactful videos tailored to meet diverse business needs. Our team understands that quality content can be achieved through innovation and filmmaking skills gained by experience, rather than solely relying on expensive gear. By harnessing the capabilities of mobile devices and supplementary equipment, we empower our clients to access top-notch video content that resonates with their target audience.
Through our commitment to excellence and adaptability, GCTV Media ensures that our customers receive premium video production services that align with their marketing objectives. By embracing the versatility of modern technology, we deliver compelling visual content that captivates viewers and elevates brand messaging. Join us in redefining the standards of professional video production by embracing efficiency, creativity, and the power of mobile devices.


  • Non Profit Organisation (Maybe eligable for Free Service – Inquire Now)  Finished Video Up to five Minute Promo.
  • Talking Head Video – Finished Video up to five minutes – Contact Us   
  • Community Service Films – Finished video up to five minutes – Planning Interview- Contact Us
  • Business Promo – Finished video up to five minutes – Contact Us.
  • Concept Video – Finished Video up to five minutes – Contact Us.

All Pricing includes GST.  Draft is supplied for approval.  Finished client Video supplied in client approved format.

We are happy to quote for custom work, please ask.